Opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Oregon requires specific steps taken in the right order. Make sure your application is done right the first time, and be in business sooner.


Recreational marijuana is one of the most exciting business opportunities in Oregon, maybe ever. Don't get left out - I'll keep you current on the latest changes affecting the industry.


You're a business owner in a highly regulated industry. That means making doubly sure your operations are in order and compliant.


Your business depends on the OHA or the OLCC's consent to operate. I'll help with applications, appeals, and regulatory compliance to make sure you do business uninterrupted.

It's a growing industry.

As the second state to legalize medical marijuana, and the third to legalize recreational use, Oregon remains on the cutting edge of marijuana law. As a business owner, that makes it especially important for you to keep up with this dynamic legal landscape. I'm a business attorney with an in-depth understanding of marijuana business and the latest in state and federal laws affecting the industry. Whether you're interested in entering the marketplace or have an established business, contact us today to make sure that your investment is protected and operating within Oregon's marijuana laws.

DISCLAIMER: Possessing, using, selling, or distributing marijuana are unfortunately still federal crimes. Any legal advice provided by Folium law Group is intended to help you comply with state law ONLY and is in no way intended to assist you in violating federal law. Following our legal advice will not make you compliant with federal law.